Design, synthesis, characterization and application of magnetic biochar as a reusable nano catalyst for the synthesis of tetrazole derivatives

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Ilam University, P.O. Box 69315516, Ilam, Iran


Magnetic materials show promising applications in heterogeneous catalysis due to their ease of isolation and excellent reusability. The present study reports the design, synthesis and characterization of a new magnetic Fe3O4 biochar catalyst. The structures and properties of MBC@BTT-Cu(II) were fully characterized using various physicochemical techniques. The prepared catalyst showed excellent catalytic activity for the synthesis of 5-substituted 1H-tetrazole derivatives. This new method shows some important features, including high efficiency, lower catalyst loading, easy operation, and the ability to recycle the catalyst for at least six times without obvious degradation of the catalytic performance. Furthermore, MBC@BTT-Cu(II) nanoCatalyst can be reused in up to five cycles without loss in catalytic activity.