A novel nanocolloid system based on the poly(methyl methacrylate) nanoparticles as anticorrosive agent for boiler; a pilot -scale study

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R&D of Water Treatment, Golden Road Integrated Investment L.L.C., 111, Muscat governorate, Sultanate of Oman


The boiler anti-corrosive of the present work is based on a novel phosphate-free nanocolloid containing poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) nanoparticles, an amine compound represented by formula (NH2—(CH2)m—O—(CH2)n—OH), (wherein each of m and n is an integer of 1 to 3), and an oxygen scavenger. The anti-corrosive was prepared by a simple mixing at ambient conditions. First, three types of microemulsion systems with different concentrations of surfactant were prepared and used to obtain three colloids of PMMA nanoparticles with a variety of particle sizes and then added to an amine/ oxygen scavenger mixture. The anti-corrosive activities of the resulting nanocolloids were used in a boiler operated with a superheater and a steam turbine, which is treated with water, is fed. The obtained results show that the used nanocolloid can more effectively maintain the pH of boiler water and prevent corrosion not only in the boiler tank but also in the entire boiler system including a feed-condensate system, without adding a large amount of phosphate salt.