Structure and size effects in the magnetic anisotropy factors of Co-Ag nano granular films

Document Type : Original Article


Technical and Vocational University (TVU), Department of physics, 1435761137 Tehran, Iran


Co-Ag granular films were prepared by electrodeposition method. The influence of the composition of thin films on their structure, granular size and magnetotransport properties is presented. structural techniques (XRD and TEM) confirmed the heterogeneity of the deposits with a size distribution from superparamagnetic to ferromagnetic particles. Fcc-Ag and Fcc-Co were present in the coatings. The increase of the Co concentration in the film alloys leads to an increase in the size of magnetic granules and a simultaneous decrease of the distance between them. The in-plane easy magnetization axis is found for all samples. Using these results, we computed the first, second magnetic anisotropy factors. Values of the computed effective magnetic anisotropy factors higher than 0.23×106 erg/cm3 have been found.